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LS Battery in the China (Indonesia) Trade Expo-Power New Energy Exhibition at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center

The China (Indonesia) Trade Expo is an important platform for business exchanges between China and Indonesia. On March 13, the 4-day Sixth China (Indonesia) Trade Expo grandly opened at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Our company’s booth was carefully designed to highlight our latest residential energy storage solutions. We displayed our popular energy storage products, as well as our new product All-in-one battery. Among them, All-in-one battery, a new battery, received strong interest from everyone as soon as it was exhibited. It is an inverter The battery integrated with the battery solves the trouble of buying a battery and needing an additional inverter. This is convenient for individual buyers who want to buy it for their own home but do not know how to install it. These systems allow homeowners to convert renewable energy into electricity without any problem. be integrated into their daily lives. Visitor response was very positive


The successful holding of the 6th China (Indonesia) Trade Expo will deepen the trade cooperation relationship between the two countries, boost regional economic vitality, contribute to the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", and create a bright future of openness and win-win. It also allows us to see the emerging trends and future prospects of residential energy storage.